Enhance Your Passengers' Experience with Real-Time Updates

Pysae generates real-time data that keeps passengers informed throughout their journey

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Why provide real-time updates to your passengers?

The prominence of passenger information in the daily operations of transport services is for one simple reason: the importance of customer satisfaction and enhancing the passenger experience.

Passenger informations allows users to plan their travel with confidence, know the real-time traffic status, receive alerts for disruptions or route changes, and adjust their travel in case of potential delays or cancellations.

Your passengers receive real-time updates on their smartphones, allowing them to travel with ease

The Pysae passenger app

Pysae offers a real-time passenger information app available on Android and iOS
Real-time geolocation of buses and coaches
Bus stop waiting times updated every 5 seconds
Real-time transmission of routechanges
Notifications and alerts for line traffic disruptions
Multilingue : français, anglais et breton
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I already have a passenger app

With our GTFS Realtime feed, you can publish your real-time data on any platform you choose: Google Maps, regional SIMs, National Access Plan (NAP), MaaS apps, etc.
Route updates: delays, cancellations, and route changes
Vehicle positions: information about the vehicles, including their location and congestion level
Service alerts: moved stops, unforeseen events affecting a stop, route, or the entire network
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How does Pysae produce this real-time data?

Pysae has a GTFS Realtime connector that allows for the sharing of your real-time transport data: route updates, vehicle positions, and service alerts.


Collection of theoretical and real-time data

To generate the GTFS Realtime feed, Pysae collects data on three levels: first, from the operator's theoretical data; second, from real-time data generated by the onboard app in vehicles; and finally, from contextual traffic information entered directly into the Pysae solution by the user.


Production of real-time data

From these three sources, Pysae can generate a GTFS Realtime feed via API that includes the three service elements: route updates, vehicle positions, and service alerts. The data is refreshed every 5 seconds.


Dissemination of passenger information

It's possible for passengers to geolocate and track their bus in real-time and be informed of the actual wait times at stops. In case of unusual situations, passengers can also be notified and alerted. All this information is accessible to passengers on their preferred media.


Thanks to Pysae, we can offer our passengers reliable and precise information on bus schedules and reduce their waiting time at stops. This has significantly impacted our passengers' satisfaction and allowed us to improve the quality of service we offer substantially.

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As a transport operator, am I obliged to share my real-time transport data with passengers?

Yes. The French Mobility Orientation Law (LOM), enacted in December 2019, requires transport operators to share certain real-time transport data with passengers.

You must share data related to schedules, delays, cancellations, and disruptions in real-time.

Beyond legal requirements, real-time passenger information is a real asset for transport operators! It contributes to improving your passengers' experience, increases their satisfaction, and strengthens their trust in your transport network.

How does Pysae ensure the reliability of the data provided?

The GTFS-RT feed produced by Pysae is compliant with the LOM law and the requirements of the National Access Plan (NAP) regarding data quality and reliability.

Furthermore, to ensure the accuracy of the data provided, Pysae generates a GTFS-RT feed with data updated every 5 seconds. This frequency ensures that the information provided to passengers is as close to real-time as possible.

On which platforms can I reuse and share this real-time data?

Pysae allows you to retrieve your real-time data via a simple URL, enabling you to open and share your transport data in minutes on any desired platform:

• National Access Plan (NAP)
• Regional SIMs
• Google Maps
• MaaS applications
• etc.

Can I send messages to my passengers to alert them of disruptions, for example?

Of course! Pysae offers a messaging feature that allows you to send alerts to your passengers informing them of potential deviations, disruptions, or delays.

All passengers who have downloaded the Pysae app and are connected to your network, or those who have downloaded your dedicated app, will receive the notification in real-time on their smartphone.

I don't have a passenger app, how can my passengers use the Pysae app?

Your passengers can download the Pysae passenger app for free on Android or IOS. In just a few clicks, they can access all the information they need to travel under the best conditions.

The Pysae passenger app is highly valued by travelers. In 2022, it recorded no less than 3 million connections, proving its usefulness and popularity.

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