Enhancing Public Transport Performance

Explore a solution that gives transportation operators dependable, precise operational data, offers bus drivers optimized GPS navigation, and supplies passengers with real-time updates to improve their travel experience.

A Solution That Benefits For All

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For passengers

Increase the visibility and accessibility of your transport services.

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For drivers

Ease the driver's workload and handle onboard system management within the vehicles.

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For operation managers

Streamline daily oversight and facilitate decision-making processes.

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Pour les voyageurs

Améliorer la visibilité de l'offre de transport et la rendre plus accessible

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Pour les conducteurs

Faciliter le métier de conducteur et la gestion des systèmes embarqués dans les véhicules

Bureau d'exploitation

Pour les exploitants

Simplifier la supervision quotidienne et la prise de décision


A User-Focused SaaS Solution

Real-time passenger Information & GTFS Realtime

Upgrade your passengers' travel experience with current, live information

Accessible real-time updates at stops and on smartphones

Provide precise updates on delays, cancellations, route modifications, and detours

Refresh data at 5-second intervals

Distribute across preferred platforms: Google Maps, regional apps, MaaS applications, and the Pysae mobile passenger information app

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Connected bus & intelligent driver assistant

Ease the driver's responsibilities and directly manage onboard systems

GPS routing and real-time vehicle positioning

Calculation of early or delayed arrival times

Communication and messaging features with the operations center

Consolidate all in-vehicle systems (Passenger Information System (PIS), ticketing, passenger counting, etc.) through a single driver assistance app

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Operations oversight & precise data

Access trustworthy, real-time data to fulfill your service promises

Live bus geolocation

Comprehensive analytics: mileage, on-time performance, journey durations, ridership, etc.

Journey tracking and historical data compilation

Unrestricted, 24/7 access

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User-friendly experience

From an intuitive dashboard to a straightforward implementation procedure, our platform is crafted for ease of use

Quick deployment with an average setup time of 22 days for Pysae

Effortless transport plan import and modification

User-friendly interface and functionality

Daily support provided

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Pysae Integrations

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AEP Ticketing Solutions

Ticketing system
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