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Embrace the digital evolution in driving professions with our Pysae Driver assistance app.

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Pysae driver assistance app

Enhanced GPS navigation

Our intuitive guidance helps drivers adapt quickly, ensuring they’re always aware of their location—even amidst unexpected changes.

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Accurate and dependable GPS navigation aids driver training and improves flexibility on every route.

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Instantaneous notification of service alterations (detours, cancellations, delays, etc.) to heighten your operational adaptability.

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Guaranteed reduction in service discrepancies, offering a clear itinerary of stops and consequently, a superior service quality.

Pysae Driver App : GPS Navigation
Pysae Driver App : Timing Control

Timing control

Drivers are kept informed in real-time whether they are ahead, on schedule, or behind the planned transport timetable.

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Continuous timing updates foster driver timekeeping, enhancing overall passenger satisfaction.

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The timing status is presented in an easily accessible manner, allowing for quick checks and necessary adjustments.

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Operations are kept in the loop for enhanced management and preemptive action in response to potential issues.

Enhanced communication with control center

Drivers are no longer solitary figures in their vehicles; they remain in constant communication with the control center through the onboard app.

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In-app messaging facilitates direct contact with field drivers.

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Simple incident reporting functions for swift transmission of real-time situations, as well as voice and text messaging.

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Strategic stop-specific information to caution drivers of possible complications.

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Capability to dispatch urgent notifications to drivers via prominent, clear pop-up alerts.

Pysae Driver App : Communication with control center
How does it work?

Advantages for operators

Elevate service punctuality

Drivers can modify their driving pace to remain on time, responding proactively to alerts from the app.

Minimize training duration and streamline staff operations

Rapidly acquaint new recruits with the system, equipping them to confidently navigate unfamiliar routes.

Improve team communication

Forge stronger, more immediate connections between drivers and control staff, offering extra support, particularly to newcomers.


Seamlessly control your onboard systems through Pysae Driver

Drivers execute a single sign-in at their day's start via the assistance app, automatically interfacing with all other systems: Passenger Information System, ticketing, passenger counting, etc.

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Illustration of all onboard systems connected to Pysae in a bus

One-step sign-in/out for drivers

A solitary action is all that’s needed for drivers to save time as their shifts commence.

Streamlined task automation and productivity gains

Operational handling is refined, reducing manual inputs, errors, and overlooked services.

Unified communication for all onboard systems

Our system is designed to be expandable and flexible, facilitating the integration of various components within the connected bus: PIS, ticketing, passenger counting, eco-driving, security, etc.


The Pysae Driver app has helped me maintain punctuality with precision. It’s become indispensable for my daily routes!

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Learn more about Pysae Driver

What devices is Pysae Driver compatible with?

Pysae Driver doesn’t demand complex installations—it simply works with standard devices onboard the vehicles.

It's available for use on both smartphones and Android tablets. While Pysae doesn't supply these devices, we collaborate with reputable partners who offer our customers preferred rates.

What are the mobile plan requirements?

A data plan with at least 1GB is recommended for the Pysae Driver app, which should also include voice call capabilities.

What personal data does the app use?

The app collects only the necessary data pertaining to driver identities, associated trips, vehicles, and operational managers. This ensures minimal personal data use. Additionally, you can review and erase the stored data anytime.

Data is made anonymous after a set period, which you can determine. Without a specified duration, anonymization occurs automatically after 36 months.

Is driver training required for the app?

Pysae Driver is designed for ease of use, with most drivers becoming familiar in just about 10 minutes. Its simplicity and day-to-day advantages quickly make it a tool drivers wouldn’t want to forgo.

For new drivers, the app serves as a valuable guide, complementing their training and assisting them on unfamiliar routes, reducing the feeling of being alone behind the wheel.

My drivers are reluctant to adopt an app. How can I put them at ease?

Some drivers may initially perceive such a tool as an oversight mechanism, but the Pysae Driver app is, in fact, created to enrich their driving experience.

The app’s geolocation feature ensures drivers are constantly informed of their precise location along the route and their adherence to the planned schedule.

Furthermore, the app offers drivers the option to initiate direct communication with the operations center, effectively ending the sense of solitude often felt on long routes, thereby fostering a seamless daily communication with their operations manager.

In instances of customer grievances, the operations team can review and replay routes to verify the driver’s accountability, providing a reliable source of support when needed.

Fundamentally, our app underlines the significance of the driver’s role; as the pivotal point, all information is sourced from the mobile device within the vehicle, empowering operations to manage their transport network with greater efficacy.

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