Gain Access to Accurate, Live Data and Fulfill Your Service Obligations with Ease

Our operations supervision system, tailored for transport managers, simplifies daily operations and streamlines decision-making processes.

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Une solution SaaS au plus près des besoins de nos utilisateurs

Optimize your operations with Pysae

Software as a Service (SaaS), deployable within days

Live vehicle geolocation and trajectory monitoring
Direct communication with drivers
Passenger updates
In-depth analytics and comprehensive reporting
Supervision solution : Real time mapVue map

Live vehicle geolocation and trajectory monitoring

Leverage the data from the onboard apps in vehicles to monitor live locations and activities across all routes and transports.

This data is refreshed every 5 seconds and is accessible from any web-enabled device.

Supervision solution : Communication with driversVue messages exploitation

Direct communication with drivers

Pysae encompasses a live messaging service, enabling operators to engage with their drivers instantly. This supports swift issue resolution and more effective coordination across teams.

With this connectivity, drivers are never out of reach. Constant contact with their operations manager equates to smoother daily operations. Communication – including calls, messages, and incident reports – is thus enhanced, optimizing overall management.

Supervision solution : Passengers live updatesSupervision solution : GTFS-RT Updates

Passenger updates

Transition from reactive to proactive: our platform includes a passenger information system, allowing you to inform your travelers of any deviations, disruptions, or delays in real-time, directly to their mobile devices.

This functionality aims to decrease passenger complaints and increase overall satisfaction

Supervision solution : Reporting dashboardTableau de bord

In-depth analytics and comprehensive reporting

Utilize our analytics to thoroughly assess your operational metrics: distance covered, punctuality, journey times, attendance, and more.

Your data is presented in an accessible manner through tables, charts, graphs, and maps, ready for export in Excel format for dissemination to organizing authorities.

Operator advantages

Reduction in service anomalies

Receive immediate alerts about any incident, enabling prompt and effective action: driver reports, issues at service commencement, passenger feedback, etc.

Minimization of penalties

Fulfill your timely service commitments with our advance-delay tracking feature.

Enhanced passenger complaint management

Examine and playback routes to identify and address the root of any issue.


Pysae is an indispensable instrument thatempowers us to analyze the punctuality of our services, refine our timetablesat stops, better notify our customers about daily uncertainties, and moreadeptly handle passenger feedback.

Anne Raynal
Director of Operations
Coop Voyageurs 30


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Do I need to install special software on my computer to use Pysae?

No installation is necessary because Pysae operates on a SaaS model.

Access our platform using any standard web browser. Login credentials require your professional email and a secure password. Our platform is designed for collaborative use across your team.

How do I import my operational data into the Pysae system?

Incorporate your operational data into Pysae with our "Editor" tool for editing transport plans.

This tool allows for the automated import of your transport plan (supports GTFS, Gescar formats) or the manual input of all your operational data like lines, routes, stops, schedules, calendars, driver assignments, etc. These details can be adjusted manually at any time.

Our system includes a data consistency check for transport plans, validating over 50 criteria to ensure data integrity and quality.

How is real-time data incorporated into my operations supervision system?

Live data are captured onboard vehicles via our driver application and are automatically integrated into your operations supervision system. The information updates every 5 seconds, guaranteeing effective oversight and utmost responsiveness.

Can I make adjustments (cancellations, service changes, rerouting, etc.) to an ongoing service? Does the driver receive updates in real-time?

Absolutely! Our "Course Modification" tool lets you cancel, postpone, or alter the service of an ongoing route. This update is instantly sent to the driver's onboard device and integrated into their current route seamlessly, without requiring any action from the driver.

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The operational support solution that delivers the reliable and precise data you need to manage your services effectively and make informed decisions

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