How Pysae Works?

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Setting up the transportation plan

During initial setup, operators can easily import or manually input their transportation plan into Pysae, covering all vital theoretical data such as trips, routes, stops, timetables, driver assignments, and more.

This information can be swiftly modified whenever necessary.

Conducteur avec application d'aide à la conduite

Driver trip initiation

Drivers begin their service using the on-board driver assistance app.

The operator's entered theoretical data is automatically conveyed to the driver's app, ensuring they have the latest GPS guidance and accurate headway and delay calculations for their route.

Supervision en temps réel des courses

Live monitoring for operators

Operators have the ability to track the progress of the drivers' current trips in real-time with vehicle data gathered directly from each bus.

Fleet data refreshes every 5 seconds and is accessible via any web browser.

Le voyageur peut voir en temps réel où est son bus

Instant information for passengers

Passengers are kept informed in real-time at bus stops and through their smartphones using various channels including Google Maps, regional mobility systems, MaaS applications, and the Pysae mobile app, offering critical updates about service changes.

Tableau de bord avec statistiques et données fiables

Reliable operational data

Pysae supplies operators with trustworthy data to efficiently oversee their services.

This includes the ability to replay trips, view historical data, monitor stop durations, and analyze real-time inputs, enhancing insights by line, stop, device, or driver, with options to export and share data with relevant authorities.

Transport operators recommend Pysae

Minimizing trip discrepancies

Stay updated on all incidents for prompt, effective responses, encompassing driver reports, service interruptions, and customer feedback.

Reduced penalties

Achieve your timekeeping goals with our advance-delay calculation functionality.

Enhanced passenger communication

Investigate and review trips to determine the root of complaints or issues.

Informed schedule refinements

Adjust your services and theoretical data for alignment with actual service conditions.

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Pysae is exactly what we needed: an easy-to-use tool that includes all the important data. It's a highly-developed management solution that gives us a complete and real-time view of our operations.

Fabrice Genete

Pysae recommended by drivers

From the moment I leave the depot, I select my route and Pysae updates automatically. It informs me if I'm ahead or behind schedule, allowing for speed adjustments. The Pysae Driver app has become indispensable!
Portrait Estelle Hervouet, Conductrice de car

Estelle Hervouet

Bus driver

GPS guidance and geolocation

Quickly operational, ensuring clear directions even in unexpected situations.

Punctuality in relation to planned journeys

Drivers are consistently aware of their timing relative to the schedule.

Communication between drivers and operations

Drivers are never isolated, maintaining constant contact with the operations center.

Deliver Real-Time Informations to Your Passengers

With Pysae's real-time passenger information, we can offer our travellers reliable and accurate information on our bus timetables and reduce their waiting time at stops. This has had a significant impact on passenger satisfaction, and has enabled us to considerably improve the quality of service we offer.
Portrait entreprise

Jérôme Deseure


Attract and retain passengers

Thanks to your real-time data, your transport offer is more visible and accessible.

Improve service quality

Your passengers' experience is enhanced by broadcasting your transportation data on their preferred media.

Increase passenger satisfaction

Passengers are informed in real time at stops and on smartphones of delays, cancellations, route modifications and stop relocations.

Attract and retain passengers

Make your transport offerings more visible and accessible with real-time data.

Improve service quality

Enhance your passengers' experience by sharing transit data on their preferred platforms.

Boost passenger satisfaction

Keep passengers informed at stops and via smartphones about delays, cancellations, route changes, and stop relocations.

Delivering real-time informations to your passengers

Pysae's live passenger information enables us to provide our travelers with reliable and accurate bus schedule data, reducing wait times at stops. This has greatly enhanced passenger satisfaction and the overall quality of service we deliver.
Portrait entreprise

Jérôme Deseure



Pysae integrates effortlessly into your current ecosystem

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Learn more about Pysae

How can Pysae help me meet my challenges?

We have developed Pysae to address the specific needs of the transportation industry, particularly for transport operators.

Addressing the Need for Instant Passenger Information: Leverage our GTFS-RT feed that refreshes every 5 seconds to provide passengers with the latest updates on route changes, vehicle locations, and any service notifications.

Enhancing Driver Support and Retention: Amidst a critical shortage in public transport staffing, Pysae underscores the importance of digitalizing equipment to draw and keep drivers. Our suite provides enhanced GPS navigation, precise timing adjustments, and robust communication links with operations.

Streamlining Operations with Dependable Data: Pysae equips you with the capability to pinpoint your fleet's location in real-time, monitor both active and completed journeys, oversee operational alerts, and assemble detailed reports effortlessly.

Why opt for a SaaS solution?

Pysae opts for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, bypassing the need for installations on your company's servers. A straightforward internet connection is all that’s required.

In contrast to traditional "On Premise" CAD/AVL systems that may need 12 to 24 months to become operational, our SaaS offering boasts a significantly reduced setup period — from a mere few days to several weeks.

Additionally, we are dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of our platform. Opting for Pysae means gaining access to frequent updates monthly, with no extra cost to your subscription.

Is Pysae compatible with my operations?

Absolutely! Pysae is designed to integrate flawlessly with your operations. It centralizes your fleet data, enabling real-time vehicle location tracking, trip monitoring, operational alert management, driver management optimization through our assistance features, and the provision of up-to-the-minute information to your passengers on bus and coach route changes or updates.

• Pysae serves a wide range of public transport companies, including:
• Passenger transport operators
• Subsidiaries of international groups, independent operators, groups, cooperatives, and more.
• Services covering intercity, mid-sized cities, and school transportation.

Our dynamic team, along with your dedicated Account Manager, will take all of your specific requirements into account. We provide tailored support, training, and guidance to facilitate a seamless introduction and use of our system.

What’s the deployment timeline?

Pysae prioritizes expedited deployment. The timeline varies based on your organization's size and can range from just a few days to a few weeks.

Our deployment is quick and user-friendly, thanks to features like:

No-fuss equipment setup: With mobile on-board terminals, our system is simple to install in your vehicles.

Streamlined transportation plan management: You can easily upload your existing transportation plan or craft a new one using our user-friendly editor.

Personalized onboarding: We ensure a comprehensive understanding of our system with personalized onboarding led by an Account Manager.

Continuous support and assistance: Your Account Manager is committed to providing ongoing help throughout your subscription.

Can I talk to the Pysae team?


Please fill out our demo request form to initiate contact with our team. We're eager to respond to any inquiries and demonstrate how our solution can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

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