Understanding operations support platform: essential for transport operators

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Operations support platform: three main functions

The Operations Support Platform system, acts as a multifaceted, intelligent resource, serving passengers, drivers, and operators.

It has three main day-to-day functions:

  • Disseminating real-time passenger information
  • Easing the driving process and assisting drivers
  • Aiding operators in managing their operations

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Function 1 : Delivering real-time passenger information

In the modern era, immediate access to real-time passenger information is a critical determinant in attracting and maintaining a robust passenger base. In an age where travelers are glued to their smartphones, expectations lean heavily towards instant and precise updates on travel details.

The capability to provide accurate, current data on schedules, delays, disruptions, and connections is crucial. Operators who can supply this information in real time position themselves as preferable choices, thus gaining a competitive edge. Providing a smooth, trouble-free experience invites new patrons and fosters loyalty through high service standards that align with customer expectations.

Real-time information at your fingertips

Real-time passenger info is efficiently conveyed via the passenger information system, an integral part of the CAD/AVL system.

Onboard applications on buses and coaches are constantly gathering and transmitting data, including location, traffic congestion levels, and any delays, to a centralized system. This real-time data is then pushed to passengers' mobile devices, while also being displayed on screens at stops or inside the vehicles.

Passengers are thus equipped to track their bus in real-time and receive up-to-the-minute waiting times. Platforms like Pysae take it a step further by pushing notifications about traffic disruptions, keeping passengers fully informed during their travels.

Left: Geolocation of your bus or coach in real time with Pysae
Right: Available lines and GTFS real time informations

With Operations Support Platform, passengers can :

  • Plan their journeys with confidence
  • Stay updated on traffic conditions
  • Get notified about disruptions or changes
  • Adjust travel plans in response to delays or cancellations

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Function 2 : Streamlining driving and assisting drivers

Transport operators currently face the hurdle of a driver shortage. Digital aids like Operations Support Platform can help surmount this challenge by fostering an attractive work environment, drawing new drivers.

A navigational assistant for drivers

The Operations Support Platform’s geolocation feature provides drivers with real-time insights into their location along the route and adherence to schedules. Advanced systems like Pysae's offer GPS guidance custom-fit for the drivers' routes. This facilitates quick adaptation for new drivers and helps experienced ones navigate more efficiently. Additionally, in-vehicle apps ensure continuous communication between drivers and their operation centers, helping eliminate any sense of isolation.

Left: Precise, Optimized Navigation via Pysae's Mobile App
Right: Direct Communication Through Pysae's Driver App

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Function 3 : Empowering operators in operations oversight

Operations managers aim to deliver high-quality service while meeting the contractual terms with local authorities, such as ridership numbers and punctuality.

They must ensure operations are efficient, optimizing routes, schedules, and resources for network efficacy.

This is where the Operations Support Platform becomes invaluable. It provides operators with a ground-level perspective, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Informed decisions with reliable data

The data transmitted by the onboard apps and geolocation tools allows operators to monitor vehicle positions and the status of their lines in realtime. They can swiftly address anomalies or incidents, reaching out to drivers to troubleshoot issues.

Operations Support Platform systems also facilitate handling inquiries and complaints, providing operators with precise vehicle locations to proactively inform passengers in case of disruptions.

As noted by Anne Raynal, Operations Director at COOP Voyageurs 30 and aPysae customer, "the tool enables us to analyze the punctuality of our lines and improve stop times, better inform our customers about everyday hazards and respond more easily to passenger complaints".

Vehicle geolocation and real-time tracking with Pysae

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