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The internet has revolutionized how we access information, while smartphones have unlocked a realm of new possibilities. Today, travelers demand the ability to manage their entire journey via their smartphones, choosing the most efficient transportation options, securing tickets ahead of time, and accessing up-to-the-minute timetables for buses and coaches.

With these user expectations in mind, we have created our state-of-the-art real-time passenger information application, designed to meet the demands of the contemporary traveler.

Our application is engineered to enable transport operators to provide passengers with the most current service updates, delivering real-time alerts and information directly to their devices.

We are excited to unveil the newest iteration of our application, now available for both Android and iOS devices. This latest update brings significant enhancements that promise to make your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable than ever before.

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Explore the key features of the Pysae real-time passenger information app

Real-time geolocation of buses and coaches

Our app includes an integrated map view, granting your passengers the ability to track their bus in real time.

This innovative feature offers a precise visualization of the vehicle's location along its route, ensuring travelers are no longer left wondering when their ride will arrive.

Inspired by industry-leading tracking technology, passengers can now observe their approaching bus, providing a clear and accurate picture of its progress towards the stop.

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Consistently updated wait times

The app provides updated waiting times, refreshing every five seconds, which aids passengers in planning their journeys with precision, sparing them from undue waits.

This commitment to timely updates reflects our dedication to passenger convenience, ensuring that your passengers are provided with the exact time their bus is expected to arrive.

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Real-time route change notifications

The Pysae app features real-time notification of service alterations, a critical tool for dynamic journey management.

Whether there’s a stop that won’t be served, a relocation, or unexpected delays, adjustments made via your Pysae platform are communicated instantly. This ensures passengers in transit are promptly informed of any modifications affecting their travel plans.

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Alerts for traffic disruptions

Our application excels in delivering timely alerts about disruptions along a route. The"Information" tab is a streamlined channel for broadcasting real-time updates to passengers, covering timetable changes, inclement weather conditions, construction work, and more.

This tab is a central hub for travelers to access crucial updates that might impact their journey, helping them to swiftly adjust to any sudden changes.

To guarantee that your passengers never miss important information, our app includes a push notification feature. This ensures that key messages reach your passengers directly, enhancing communication and improving their overall travel experience.

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