Inform Your Passengers Easily With Our Real-Time Display Screen

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Discover our latest feature: the Passenger Display Screen! No need for your passengers to download an app; your real-time information is just a click away.

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A Unique Approach to Communicate With Your Passengers

Our new Passenger Display Screen offers you an alternative to the Pysae traveler app.

Indeed, your passengers no longer need to download a specific app to access real-time information about your network.

With a simple URL or by scanning a QR code, they instantly have access to all crucial information (updated schedules, potential delays, route changes, etc.) from wherever they are.

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Sharing Real-Time Information Has Never Been Easier

Whether on your website, at your stops, or in stations, your passengers have real-time access to schedules, delays, cancellations, and much more!

The Advanced Features of the Pysae Passenger Display Screen


This tab allows you to visualize the entire network in real-time, displaying the position of all connected vehicles. Your passengers can accurately track their itinerary as a result.

Detailed Information by Route

Do you want to display a specific route? This tab shows the number of connected vehicles on a particular route, along with their real-time positions.

Waiting Times at Stops

Provide your passengers with real-time information about a specific stop. This tab offers details such as updated waiting times every 5 seconds, cancellations, delays, and route changes, if any.

Passengers can simply scan a QR code at a stop and access this interface directly to retrieve all relevant information about that particular stop.

Passengers Messages

Do you want to communicate directly with your passengers? Use this feature to send personalized messages and alerts. You can set up these messages directly from your Pysae supervision platform.

Available in Both Desktop and Mobile Formats

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Suitable For All Types of Passengers: Regular and Occasional

This new display is designed to cater to all passengers, whether they travel regularly or occasionally.

It proves to be particularly beneficial for transport operators offering seasonal activities. In fact, occasional passengers will appreciate the user-friendly nature of this tool, as there's no need to download an app for limited use over just a few days.

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