Keep passengers informed effortlessly with our real-time display screen

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Our latest innovation, the Passenger display screen, makes it easier than ever for your passengers to access the information they need without the necessity of an app download. Your real-time network updates are just a click away.

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A novel way to connect with your passengers

This new Passenger display screen is a robust alternative to the Pysae passenger app.

Now, accessing up-to-date information about your services doesn't require passengers to download anything.

By following a URL or scanning a QR code, they are granted instant access to essential updates like revised schedules, unexpected delays, and any route alterations, from any location.

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Simplifying the sharing of real-time updates

Real-time information is now at your passengers' fingertips, whether that's on your website, at bus stops, or within stations. They'll find live schedules, notifications of delays or cancellations, and other important updates with ease.

Features of the Pysae passenger display screen


This feature presents alive, network-wide view, pinpointing all active vehicles and allowing passengers to monitor their journey with accurate tracking.

Route-specific information

Focusing on a particular route? This tab displays the number of vehicles servicing that route and their real-time locations, enabling passengers to make timely travel decisions.

Waiting times at stops

Offer up-to-the-second waiting times at any given stop.

Passengers can simply scan the provided QR code to gain direct access to the display, which includes waiting times, service disruptions, and any pertinent route modifications.

Direct passenger messaging

Keep the lines of communication open by sending custom messages and alerts to your passengers. These messages can be configured and disseminated directly from your Pysae management platform.

Available in both desktop and mobile formats

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Suitable for all passenger types: frequent and infrequent

The Passenger display screen is designed to serve every passenger, whether they are daily commuters or occasional travelers.

It's especially advantageous for operators managing seasonal services, where infrequent passengers can enjoy the simplicity of accessing real-time information without the commitment of app installation for short-term use.

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