Iris, passenger counting solution, connected to Pysae

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One of the primary challenges that confronts every transport network operator is the ability to gather comprehensive, well-organized, and, above all, highly precise data regarding the number of passengers on each of their vehicles.

This information is crucial for understanding the ridership patterns within the network (by stop, by line, or even by timetable). With all this valuable data, the transport operator can tailor its services to meet passenger demand, thereby providing them with optimal quality of service. It also enables them to verify the incidence of onboard fare evasion by comparing the data derived from the ticketing system with the data collected through automated passenger counting devices.

Fully cognizant of these challenges, Pysae has developed a connector that integrates with the Iris counting solution. Through this connector, the occupancy rate of buses and coaches is directly transmitted to the Pysae platform as ridership reports.

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Iris: an intelligent system for automatic passenger counting

Founded in 1991, Iris is a prominent German group headquartered in Berlin and recognized as a leader in its industry. With a team of approximately 150 employees, Iris equips over 200,000 doorways with advanced passenger counting systems.

At the core of Iris' passenger counting system lies the highly precise IRMA MATRIX sensor. This sensor utilizes a matrix of 3D sensors with a remarkable resolution of 500 pixels to measure the distance to objects.

By capturing 3D images, Iris' solution enables accurate determination of the number of passengers. Moreover, the exceptional resolution of Iris' sensors allows for the identification of wheelchairs, bicycles, or strollers, regardless of outdoor or lighting conditions.

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Iris and Pysae: your passenger flows in real time

By sending HTTP requests to the sensors installed on each vehicle door, Iris passenger count data, including specific information such as the presence of strollers or wheelchairs, is accurately fed back into Pysae.

The real time interconnection between Iris and Pysae automates the collection of data, eliminating errors and enabling drivers to share the workload effectively.

Your passenger counting data available in your operation monitoring solution Pysae

Once the trip has been started on the Pysae drivers' application, the count data is sent directly to your operation monitoring solution.

The Pysae monitoring platform

In the Pysae platform, you can view this data over a defined period, by day and by line. And for added convenience, you can export this data in CSV format.

The Pysae Driver assistance application

In our driver assistance application, with a single click, the counting interface is displayed on the phone screen.

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<p class="paragraph-68"><span class="text-span-59">Pysae interconnects with all your business tools</span></p>
<p class="paragraph-68">Pysae offers a solution that fully integrates into its ecosystem, interconnecting with all your on-board systems: Passenger Information System (PIS), Ticketing, Passenger Counting, GPS and telematics, etc..</p>
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