Mise en production du 20/10/2020

Hello tout le monde, voici le contenu de la mise en production du 20/10/2020.

OP v 2.1.0

#192 Delete the feature of the phone number in OP
#196 Clean OP1 code in Pysae
#197 Translation of the new reset password page
#199 Fix the users page in OP2
#182 Add user list page in OP2

Driver v 3.1.0 (version déployée en prod sur le Play Store)

#141 Save the data when the driver app is in the background
#117 Delete the nearby trips page
#111 Implement a first test of Driver in browser stack

API v 2.1.0

#93 Fix linter issue
#99 Create a test architecture
#72 document and study endpoints api used by drive
#71 document and study websocket driver
#59 Remove the sign in page from api
#82 Create Tests for API endpoints used by Driver
#86 Change password reset link in admin and clean the old page
#81 Create Log for all API endpoints used by Driver

Editor v 2.0.2

#60 Fix the error message "Distance théorique manquante"
#59 Fix memory leak

Et voici le contenu prévu pour la prochaine mise en production (20/10/2020):

api · Study the implementation of a coefficient - Here Maps and its impact
op · Improvement of the csv imports - front
op · Add a format precision in the message displayed for the csv imports
driver · Add a coefficient and the related logs to get the right estimated delay time
api · Editor : Definition and specification of the endpoints - Postman
editor · Centralize Editor logs
driver · Document the loading steps when starting the Driver app
api · Update the API to use Mango Atlas
api · Migration to Mongo Atlas
driver · Study how optimise transport plan data loading in memory in Driver
api · Centralize backend logs
api · Document API endpoints & websocket of OP
op · Fix the display of break events in OP
api · Redesign the architecture of Editor - back
info · Study google analytics tracking on Info
driver · Study google analytics tracking on Driver
editor · Study google analytics tracking on Editor
op · Fix the drivers csv import in the view "Conducteurs"
driver · Document the identification of the driver in Driver App
driver · Document the login view in driver
driver · Document the GPS view in driver
api · Document API endpoints used for statistics
driver · Document the Driver trip delay
op · Study google analytics tracking on Op
editor · Fix the "Edition plot" menu in Editor
driver · Clean automatic service and line modes on Driver
driver · Add a loading test of Deux Sèvres GTFS in Browsertack
driver · Add the view "Guidage" in Browsertack
driver · Move the GTFS loading in Driver
op · Clean automatic service and line modes on OP
info · Fix the connection in real time on the web view of info