Mise en production du 03/11/2020

Hello tout le monde, voici le contenu de la mise en production du 03/11/2020.

OP v 2.1.0

#111 Migration to AWS

Driver v 3.2.0

#92 Clean automatic service and line modes on Driver
#98 Add a coefficient to api trip duration
#106 Update Android target sdk

API v 2.2.0

#121 Create a tool to generate fake data
#104 upload a vehicle list in vehicle page back

API v 2.2.1

#110 Update API to use mongodb atlas

API v 2.2.2

#76 Centralize backend logs
#120 Use SES service for email

API v 2.2.3

#126 Fix logger init
#70 log remote gtfs
#116 Document API endpoints & websocket of OP

API v 2.2.4

#129 Fix empty shapes file handle

Editor v2.0.3

#111 Migration to AWS

Et voici le contenu prévu pour la prochaine mise en production (17/11/2020):

op · Study why some trips are displayed twice in the trips list view
op · Ensure that there are no more OP1s in the logs
op · Fix the punctuality data in the view "Supervision"
driver · Fix driver identification page display with the night mode
op · Fix the problem of assigning roles - HOTFIX
editor · Move "recalculate theoretical distances" treatment to the backend
driver · Add the driver tests in Gitlab CI/CD
driver · Centralize Log Driver
editor · Fix the problem of shape attribution - HOTFIX
api · Study the difference of recorded stop times between API and OP
api · Implement stats/count and stats/active-trips for “Home” view
editor · Add the API endpoints for each view of Editor
editor · Move "delete of unused stops & shapes" treatment to the backend
editor · Move "reverse a trip" treatment to the backend
editor · Move "duplicate a trip" treatment to the backend
op · Fix the name of the "password" field in the reset page
driver · Document the identification of the driver in Driver App
api · Document API endpoints used for statistics
op · Study the stop change problem