Mise en production du 21/09/2020 (Sprint 5)

Hello tout le monde, voici le contenu de la mise en production du 21/09/2020 (Sprint 5).

API v2.0.4

  • #78 Problem of automatic PDT publication LOG
  • #41 Add API endpoint for notification generation

Driver v3.0.19

  • #107 Fix error on App resume

Op v2.0.6

  • #180 Add Trip Tracking page in OP2
  • #181 Add QRcode page in OP2
  • #184 Add a script to handle changelog edition
  • #189 Fix the theoretical kilometers data in the reports for the trips which starts a day and ends next day
  • #146 Set group alert settings on Op
  • #185 Display error of the km report

A bientôt pour la prochaine mise en production